February 2019 Bottling


This week brought the first bottling of 2019 at New Kent Winery! On Tuesday, we bottled our newest Reserve Chardonnay, Chardonnay, and White Merlot. On the following icy, cold Wednesday, we finished up with White Norton and Sweet Virginia. Between the two days, the bottling process lasted approximately 20 hours and we bottled over 40,000 bottles of New Kent Winery wines.

A few fun facts about these new wines:

The Reserve Chardonnay that we bottled this week was our first non-vintage Reserve Chardonnay. We complied our best Chardonnay grapes from 2012 and 2017, with the majority of the grapes coming from our 2014 harvest year.

We also switched to clear bottles for our White Merlot and White Norton. Now you will be able to more clearly see the blush color that defines both of these wines!


The bottles this year also feature our new gold wine labels! The coordinating gold capsules look great with the foil labels. We also stuck with the linen texture that has been seen on previous bottles.


We bottled 1377 cases of Sweet Virginia this week, by far the most out of the five wines that were bottled!


The case counts for this run include:

397 cases of Reserve Chardonnay

515 cases of Chardonnay

534 cases of White Merlot

584 cases of White Norton

1377 cases of Sweet Virginia


Labels being applied to the Sweet Virginia bottles during the bottling process


Reserve Chardonnay coming through the bottling truck!


These wines will all become available throughout the next year. If you would like to be among the first to know when new wines are released, you can join our email list below!