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By the Glass Savings

Using wine on tap provides significant cost savings for by-the-glass pours. Spend your money on getting a high quality wine for your consumers instead of wasted bottles, corks, and capsules.


Lasting Quality & Maximum Yield

Quality kegged wine remains fresh from the very first glass in the keg until the last. New Kent Winery’s kegged wine quality will be the same as our current bottled and cased wines. There is no need to dump bottles that have lost their ideal taste and aroma due to oxidation. Each keg will stay fresh 10+ weeks after tapping.



Wine kegs are easier to handle and store. There are no bottles to repeatedly open and no wasted corks, capsules, cases, labels and bottles.

Wines Currently Available in Kegs


Vidal Blanc

Non-demanding and enjoyable on numerous occasions due to the various vineyard sites of our Vidal Blanc grapes. This wine has more complex flavors than previous vintages. Vidal Blanc has been dubbed the perfect porch sipping wine from many New Kent Winery fans. This wine has won awards from the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition and the Savor Virginia Wine Classic.

White Merlot

Our White Merlot is a white wine created from the red Merlot grape. Its red wine mouth-feel and delicate sweetness allows it to pair well with spicy foods. This is a popular wine for outdoor venues and those who enjoy Rosé. White Merlot has earned awards from the Savor Virginia Wine Competition and Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competitions.


This Atlantic Seaboard Gold Medal Winner is a Bordeaux-style blended wine containing Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Verdot. Small lots are fermented separately before being blended and crafted to their highest potential. Meritage has been awarded Gold medals from the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition and Savor Virginia Wine Classic.

Chardonnay (Coming Fall 2019)

The crisp acids of this Chardonnay remain due to a cool fermentation in stainless steel. Our Chardonnay compliments white meats, cheese, and creamy pasta sauces. This wine will be available in kegs in the fall of 2019. It has also won many awards from the Savor Virginia Wine Classic Competitions.



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